Be Burn Aware (First Three Months)

9/1/2015 ~ 12/1/2015



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Burns are an important cause of injury to young children, accounting for the greatest length of stay of all hospital admissions for injuries. More than a global problem, burns are a national pressing medical issue due to a number of local factors: a) World Health Organization estimate around 80,000 Burn Injuries in Egypt. b) Poverty, overcrowding of places (including homes) and lack of proper safety measures. c) 12.6% live in dwellings with no separate kitchen. d) 4.5%. of children living in overcrowded shelters are found in Upper Egypt and particularly rural Upper Egypt. e) In Egypt, 17% of children with burns have a temporary disability and a shocking 18% are left with a permanent disability. f) Inadequate and unsafe households. g) Placement of young girls in household roles such as cooking and care of younger children. h) Use of kerosene (paraffin) as a fuel source for non-electric domestic appliances. I) Inadequate safety measures for liquefied petroleum gas. The social context of the problem mandates community-based intervention. This is due to the fact that most burn victims are under-privileged and cannot afford treatment, safe appliances and adequate shelter. In Egypt 2.8 billion people still use firewood, dung, coal and unstable gas powered stoves for cooking and keeping warm inside their homes every day. The current multidimensional character of burns in Egypt requires coordinated efforts and investments to support social welfare including health services, prevention programs, community up leveling, Infrastructure and safety.

Ahl Masr capitalizes on its knowledge that burns above all are preventable. Most of the burn cases we treat are caused by direct exposure to flames and stoves explosion. Since 2.8 billion Egyptians are still using firewood, dung, coal and unstable gas powered stoves for cooking and keeping warm inside their homes every day and 12.6% live with no separate kitchen with inadequate safety measures. The simplest solution is to replace inefficient, smoky stoves with more efficient, stable ones. Providing people with such improved stoves would save almost 80,000 lives every year. Moreover, because stoves are more efficient, they would save about 30% fuel and make cooking more efficient and healthy. An effective, improved stove and effective burn awareness program to the families are needed to reduce the hazards of burns dramatically. The awareness program against burns is designed with two directions; one dedicated for children and the other designed for adults. The program offers a variety of burn prevention tools, including: Activity Books (ages 3-7) and (ages 8-12), fact cards, scalds awareness and fire safety tips. Ahl Masr will target Beni Suef, governorate in Upper Egypt to use as a sample for our prevention strategy. Ahl Masr will measure the success of this approach and use as a case study to integrate a comprehensive burn prevention and care program into national health plans and policies. Be Burn Aware initiative will foster the involvement of different NGO’s to complete the intervention circle. In addition to our burn module different partnerships will be constructed to provide infrastructure and other safety measurements such as households, water and Energy security. This effective approach will help us support the development of appropriate policy for integrated model for burn prevention and safety nationwide.
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Ahl Masr foundation was registered in 2013 with the main goal of creating new perception of charity and development in Egypt. The foundation works in the field of health and focuses on treatment, prevention and awareness for Child Burn Victims (CBV). The foundation aims to provide resources and support for underprivileged families in terms of medical treatments and post-acute burn care services as well as support for the psychological recovery from burn trauma and the short term emergency needs of families . From February 2011 till 2013, Efforts were exerted to treat the wounded young people who fell victim of revolutionary violence amounted to 4,000 Egyptians and 40 Libyans. After the unfold of the Arab Spring was over, the founders decided to complete the delivery of services for all Ahl Masr through an institutionalized development framework that is capable of providing soial support with high quality and professionalism. The foundation focused primarily on community development efforts through the provision of services for the most needy and marginalized in the society. Our main aim is “Egypt Burn Free.

Upper Egypt Beni Suef Samasta District, Targeting 10 Villages   Public health   Winner

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