Alashanek Ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development

  • 6135/05
  • Building 20, street 106, Hadayek El-Maadi, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
  • 2005
  • Vision: Our aspiration is to create an economically independent society and promote youth engagement in sustainable development through creating innovative models applicable on a regional level. Mission: AYB-SD is committed to the economic empowerment of underprivileged communities. The organization offers training, personal coaching, formal employment opportunities, and loans, while striving to promote volunteerism in community development and fostering private and public partnerships. History: “Alashanek Ya Balady” Association for Sustainable Development (AYB-SD) is one of the most innovative, dynamic and successful youth NGOs in Egypt. It was first established as a student club at the American University in Cairo back in 2002 to promote the concept of volunteerism among Egyptian youth and to introduce them to “development” as a wider domain and a demonstration of collective social efforts combating poverty and complementing traditional charity. AYB-SD has been officially registered as a Non-Governmental Organization in 2005 with registration number 6135/05 and has been working ever since on solving the problem of unemployment and on the alleviation of poverty all over Egypt. AYB’s main target groups are the underprivileged, who constitute more than 44% of the Egyptian population. This segment of society had long been radically marginalized and impoverished, and AYB’s mandate is to empower them economically and socially. From its inception, AYB has distinguished itself through its commitment to promoting the rights of marginalized communities and challenging traditional taboos and models. AYB-SD has developed its economic empowerment model in 2007 where various types of training were introduced, basing AYB-SD's services upon adaptation to market changes and industry researches and mapping. By 2009, AYB-SD was not only empowering beneficiaries, but introducing labor rights to employers as well. As the year 2010 began, AYB-SD started expanding its
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Our Projects

ICT for Employment of Youth in Ain El-Sira

This project aims at establishing a fixed computer learning center at the heart of the impoverished area of Ain El-Sira in Misr Al-Qadima. The center will provide youth and women of the area with cutting-edge training courses provided by the reputable telecommunications systems corporation "CISCO Systems, Inc." through their CISCO Networking Academy which will train two of the local computer trainers from Ain El-Sira to deliver the training courses to approximately 2150 other trainee only during the first year of operations. The training Course will be divided into two main modules: (1) IT Essentials, (2) Entrepreneurial Skills. The training courses are expected to increase the employability of the trainees whether in formal employment opportunities or self-employment opportunities since trainees will be introduced to the essentials of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the first module of the training and during the entrepreneurial skills training, trainees will be trained on how to use the advantages of ICT to start and sustain their income-generating project. Training courses will be paid on installments with an affordable rate to the trainees so that they would be committed to attending the training courses and in order to rerun the operations of the center for the following years. All trainees will be provided by CISCO certificates when they finish the training course. AYB-SD will establish the training center and manage the whole project, while the equipment (laptops and desktops) will be provided by CIL and the training curriculum by CISCO Networking Academy. If awarded the prize, AYB-SD will use the amount of the award as a seed fund to run the operations of the first three months of the project.

Our Members

Amina Darwish