Educate Me Foundation

  • 8418
  • 385, Ramses Street, Abbasseya, Cairo
  • 2010
  • Educate Me is a registered Egyptian non-profit foundation (registration number 8418) that was founded in 2010 and aspires to redefine education in Egypt. It started as a fundraising effort to put financially underprivileged out-of-school children in school, then transformed towards developing its own learner-centered educational model after concluding that Egypt’s public education was severely insufficient. Through a grass-roots community-driven model, Educate Me serves underprivileged communities with a vision of giving every child the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will empower him/her to achieve their dreams. Purpose: Educate Me initially assumed that sending children to schools guarantees their education, yet this wasn’t the Egyptian public school reality due to the under-resourced learning environment, systemic focus on rote learning, poor teaching quality, among other factors. This leads to illiteracy inside schools and forces students to attend private tutoring as a means to pass their tests irrespective of their knowledge and skills. Moreover, on a global level, the outcome of education in the 21st century has been challenged for decades, having been conceived in the industrial age when the world was more predictable.
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Our Projects

Teachers Training and Development Project

Educate Me Foundation believes that every child should have the opportunity to be educated in a way that allows them to reach their full potential, which is not the case for most Egyptian children in underprivileged communities who either enroll in public education or do not have access to any schools. Among the most obvious reasons are under-resourced learning environments, & poor teaching quality & expertise. Educate Me believes that educating and developing teachers and child care givers is vital for them to be able to provide children with an impactful and positive education that would enable them to develop from both academic and personal sides. Therefore, Educate Me developed a teacher training and development module that aims at equipping teachers and child care givers in both formal (schools) and informal (centers & NGOs) educational systems with the necessary knowledge required to raise happy, intellectual and healthy children. To reach this objective Educate Me will be training 100 Educators and child care givers from 5 different established educational organizations serving underprivileged children ages 2-18, street children or children at risk from various geographical areas on child Education and psychology which they will use to provide effective educational programs to thousands of children they serve. The project is seeking maximum geographical diversity through training NGOs who work in different governorates and communities. Communities to be impacted through Educational services from trained organizations include Imbaba, Masr elqadima, Mansoureya Villages, among others. Other governorates to be impacted through educational services in their villages include Fayoum, Beni Suef, Alexandria & Mansoura.

Our Members

Aya Yasser

Dina Ghalwash

Salma Afifi