The Right to Live Association for Intellectually Disabled

  • 2855
  • 1 ElHak Fi ElHaya Street – Sheraton Heliopolis – Cairo, Egypt
  • 1981
  • Mission: The Right to Live Association (RTLA) is a non- profit organisation devoted to promoting and improving services for persons with intellectual disabilities. RTLA's vision is that every individual and family affected by intellectual disability has access to services and skills needed to participate as active members of the community. At RTLA, we strive to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities and their families have the supports needed to live decent and ordinary lives, whether they are direct beneficiaries enrolled at RTLA or in the community at large. History: Founded in 1981 by a group of parents who wanted to provide their special children with a better life and prospects for a more promising future, RTLA has become a pioneer in the field and has come to set the standard to which other associations aspire. Reaching this standard was not very easy, and it came gradually , thanks to the help and support of many individuals and organisations. RTLA's beginning was very modest. It started out by a group of parents in 1981 as a recreational club for their children in the courtyard of the Delivrande School in Cairo. They met twice a week and were able to provide a group of 10 children with a place where they can learn, play and socialize. This service quickly evolved and by 1982/1983, with the help of many organizations and individuals , four classrooms and a dining room/kitchen were built in the Delivrande school courtyard to create a provisional centre to educate and train 30 children and youths with intellectual disabilities from 9 am to 4 pm daily, 10 months a year. The Association continued to grow and In 1987, RTLA was able to buy (in instalments) its current premises in Sheraton Heliiopolis district and a complete centre was established to provide persons with special needs with the services and care they need.
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Our Projects

Pre-School for Special Needs Children

At RTLA, we have services and facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities for most age groups. We work with the very young in our early intervention program, as well as with adults in our vocational workshops and residential services. However, we currently don’t have facilities for preschool children who need to be prepared for the school experience, be it in regular schools that have an integration program, or in other centers and NGOs which only accept children with special needs starting from the age of 6 or 7. For this reason, we would like to start a small pre-school for persons with special needs, in order to provide them with the care and training they would need to later attend other schools or centers. With our know- how in the field, this facility would help their smooth transition into other schools by providing them with different training and educational programs that would improve their performance and help them to smoothly make the transition from the home experience to a regular school experience. We have appointed the Manager of the project, who is an experienced special education teacher from the Association and has over 15 years experience in the field, and partially furnished one classroom

Our Members

Abeer Attia Khamis