Nebny Foundation

  • 3914
  • 1 Ezbet Bekheit, Manshiet Nasser, Cairo, Egypt
  • 2011
  • Our History VISION: To build a more humane socio-economic environment in Egypt which ensures equal rights, encourages active involvement and unifies Egyptians, inspiring the world by creating a path for a better and happier tomorrow. MISSION: Nebny’s aim is to improve the living conditions and quality of life of Egypt's people, empower them to actively engage in their societies and unite them by tackling the community's socio-economic problems from their roots and minimizing the gap between the rich and the poor. We intend to achieve this through creating job opportunities, developing existing potential, establishing development models that can be recreated globally and cultivating a base of committed volunteers to increase awareness, build social bridges and break barriers between people.
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Our Projects

Nebny Foundation Entrepreneurship Program (We Empower Youth to be Job Creators تمكين الشباب لخلق فرص عمل)

This project aims at creating new self-employment channels to youth, through empowering potential talents to start their own business and scale it successfully. The project takes care of startups through providing them with 1.KNOWLEDGE AND GUIDANCE. 2.FUND. 3.WORKSPACE. 4.NETWORK AND RELATIONS, to implement their ideas. The project offers three main programs which help youth to create their own jobs and provide job opportunities for others. The first program is COURSES, SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS: this program helps youth access the knowledge needed during self-employment journey. The second program is INCUBATION: which provides small businesses with full care, mentorship, knowledge and fund that is needed to maintain and scale success. The third program is PHYSICAL WORKSPACES: this program provides small businesses with offices to start their activities within a favorable environment. The project provides a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs to fulfill their need in creating successful and impactful businesses. Our services are delivered abiding by five cores of quality which are: 1.EFFICIENCY 2.EFFECTIVENESS 3.RELEVANCE 4.UTILITY 5.SUSTAINABILITY.

Our Members

Khalid Yosri

Jawad Nabulsi

Ahmed Sakr